Sport Action after Cancer for all

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Our group was set up in 1995 as Sport Action for Women with/after Cancer, initially to help women recover from breast cancer through sporting activity. The focus of the group changed a few years later to include women diagnosed with any form of cancer, which proved to be an excellent change of direction, and provided support for many more women, where there had been none.

Since 2012 Yoga, and/or Aqua Stretch exercise classes have been made available for men diagnosed with cancer, who could attend with a carer or partner if preferred,  to provide moral support during those classes. The badminton group is currently oversubscribed – apologies to men who would like to join the badminton!

We’ve recently changed the name to After Cancer Exercise (ACE) to reflect the evolution of our group and to help make the name more memorable. The group’s ethos remains the same – it is organised to help all those diagnosed with, or recovering from cancer get fit, meet others in the same situation and either learn a new sport or renew their sporting activities.

Here’s what some of our participants say about us:

“So much friendship and support. This group has been a lifeline for me.”

“The group was an important phase of my recovery.”

“I have to thank the group for getting me back on my feet after a very trying time.”

“I have enjoyed the support, cameradie and good humour a lot. Thanks”

“Thank you for making me feel well and motivated to carry on with life”

“After a return of my breast cancer and two major spinal operations … I felt very vulnerable — my friends in the badminton group have been a wonderful support.  — They are a superb group of ladies”

“This is a most amazing group.  There is an atmosphere and ethos where everyone is caring, encouraging and supportive.  — There is a supreme understanding of the link between mind, body and emotion that has enabled us all to have a positive attitude and enjoy life to the full – way beyond the badminton court!  (And my badminton is getting better too)!”

Come and join us!  The group welcomes anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer recently or in the past.

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